下記はIEEE WCET(Wireless Communication Engineering technology)検定のテキストWEBOK(Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge)のもくじです。

A Guide to the Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge (WEBOK)A Guide to the Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge (WEBOK)
IEEE Communications Society




1 Wireless Access Technologies
 1.3 Design Fundamentals
 1.4 Mobility Management
 1.5 Wireless Access Technologies Standardization
 1.6 Digital Mobile Cellular Technology Evolution - 2G to 3G
 1.7 Local, Personal and Near-Field Communication
 1.8 Beyond 3G and Future Trends

2 Network and Service Architecture
 2.3 Circuit-Switched Cellular Network Architecture
 2.4 TCP/IP in Packet Switched Networks
 2.5 VoIP/SIP for IP Multimedia
 2.6 Packet-Switched Mobile Networks and IMS
 2.7 Alternative Network Architectures – mesh Networks
 2.8 Alternative Network Architectures – Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
 2.9 Service Enabler Evolution
 2.10 Service Framework
 2.11 Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering

3 Network Management and Security
 3.3 The Information Technology Infrastructure Library
 3.4 The Enhanced Telecom Operations Map
 3.5 The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
 3.6 Security Requirements

4 Radio Frequency Engineering, Propagation and ntennas
 4.3 Antennas
  4.3.1 Background
  4.3.2 Antenna Parameters
  4.3.3 Beamwidth
  4.3.4 Directivity, Gain, and Aperture
  4.3.5 Polarization
  4.3.6 Antenna Types
  4.3.7 Phased Arrays
  4.3.8 Beamforming and Smart Antenna
  4.3.9 Antenna Design and Measurements
  4.3.10 RF Site Surveys
  4.3.11 Diversity
  4.3.12 System Capacity and Multiple Access
  4.3.13 Base Station, Indoor, and Mobile Handset Antennas
  4.3.14 Antenna Tilt
  4.3.15 MIMO
 4.4 Propagation
  4.4.2 Free Space Loss
 4.5 FR Engineering

5 Facilities Infrastructure
 5.3 AC and DC Power Systems
 5.4 Electrical Protection
 5.5 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
 5.6 Equipment Racks, Rack Mounting Spaces, and Related Hardware
 5.7 Waveguides and Transmission Lines
 5.8 Tower Specifications and Standards
 5.9 Distributed Antenna Systems and Base Station Hotels
 5.10 Physical Security, Alarm and Surveillance Systems
 5.11 National and International Standards and Specifications

6 Agreements, Standards, Policies, and Regulations
 6.3 Agreements
 6.4 Standards
 6.5 Policies
 6.6 Regulations

7 Fundamental Knowledge
 7.3 Electrical Engineering Basics for Wireless Communications
 7.4 Signal Processing and Communication Systems
 7.5 RF Engineering
 7.6 Instruments and Measurements [Wit02]
 7.7 Communication Networks
 7.8 Other Communication Systems
 7.9 General Engineering Management and Economics







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